Release 4.2.4

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Release 4.2.4

Post by pastdue » 20 Dec 2021, 23:28

With the help of many bug reporters & contributors, we're happy to announce the release of Warzone 2100 v4.2.4, a bug-fix release.

  • Numerous fixes for crashes, cleanup issues, and memory leaks
  • Fix: Prebuilt ally gates not being passable
  • Fix: Cleanup old log files
Campaign improvements:
  • Change: Ignore VTOLs when a campaign enemy group unit can't hit them
  • Change: Better target selections by sorting targets relative to group average coordinate
  • Change: Add a time range to cam3-1 launch / detonate sounds
  • Change: Make the winning requirements for Beta-end more clear
  • Change: Make Gamma 5 a little more hectic on Hard / Insane difficulty
Skirmish / Multiplayer improvements:
  • Add: Additional lobby chat slash commands, cmdinterface event output
  • Change: Set default AI back to Nexus
  • Change: Make some AIs easier when using Easy difficulty
  • Change: Remove old Cobra Hard / Insane weapon perks
  • Fix: Repeated game over message
  • Fix: Add campaign Collective and Nexus structures back into mp stats file, fixing old maps
View the full 4.2.4 changelog

Original 4.2.0 Highlights:
  • Add Ultimate Scavengers to the game
  • Spectators for multiplayer games
  • Recorded replays for skirmish / multiplayer
  • Headless / autohost enhancements, spectator stats, lobby chat slash commands
  • Return units to mobile turrets & better distribute around multiple repair points
  • Update camBalance for Gamma (Campaign rebalance is basically complete)
  • Increase oil drum power in Campaign Beta (150) and Gamma (200)
  • Add new random maps "DustyMaze": one 2-player and two 4-player maps
  • Use a stable config directory for release builds
  • Implement remove from group shortcut
  • Make selected structures and units blink on radar
  • Add "power per second" to powerbar tooltip
  • Major revision to the Blender 2.9x .PIE file addon
  • Multiplayer balance changes (_see full changelog_)
  • Fix: Orders from Commanders after loading saves
  • Fix: Don't reveal artillery unless the CB tower is completely built
  • Fix: Sensors logic under commander so attaching them isn't useless
  • Fix: Only play "assigned to commander" sound if group is not full
  • Fix: Don't block ready status button when player clicks ready too fast
  • Fix: Primary AA turret units not attacking things if the Secondary could, among other fixes
  • Fix: Don't crash with JumpToResourceExtractor keybind after level reload
  • Fix: Prevent old transporter issue on Beta-end that can lead to level failure
  • And many other bug & crash fixes
We'd like to thank all of the new and returning translators who have helped to improve the translations for the game via the Crowdin project. For more information on how to help with translations, see doc/

Please report all bugs on GitHub.

And don't forget to check out the new official Discord server:

Download at:

Microsoft Store (for Windows): (for Windows or macOS):
SourceForge: ... ses/4.2.4/
GitHub: ... /tag/4.2.4

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Re: Release 4.2.4

Post by hitno1 » 21 Feb 2022, 15:42

I'm really happy with the new ultimate scavangers, It makes for an interesting new obstackle in the skirmishs . Although I have issue with them that there a bit over aggressive. Through a bit of skill and understanding I can survive there initial onslaughts. But one weird thing I'm finding is if the enemy is set to easy. The scavangers have the habit of annihilating them before I even get to them. Is this likely to be re-balanced in a later version? Its really weird winning the game when I haven't left the base.

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Re: Release 4.2.4

Post by hitno1 » 24 Feb 2022, 16:22

Further note to my last post. I played a 3 player map with the others plays set at normal nexus players. The scavangers just destroyed them both and I won.... I was still building up my base....
The ultimate scavs... fun to play but they keep winning the game for me. They need to be toned down.... there way to aggressive.

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