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by The Overlord
10 Apr 2012, 04:46
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: What Would You Give Up !!??..
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Re: What Would You Give Up !!??..

Giani wrote:
Shadow Wolf TJC wrote: Oh, and Giani, if you don't have a question, then don't bother participating. :stare:
He did it again!!!!!!!! :shock: :lol2: :lol2:

All the other food as the best one would get boring after a while. :)

Technology or your family?
by The Overlord
08 Mar 2012, 03:46
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: More Rank Complexity
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Re: More Rank Complexity

If we have to stick with the set small area for the rank and three stars + a medal/chevron/pacifier etc., I think the the top star is the only one that should be changed. I really like xepeci's idea of the ratio: "units killed:units lost." This is a LOT better than the small number of units that you...
by The Overlord
21 Jan 2012, 20:49
Forum: Development
Topic: downloading of master releases.
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Re: downloading of master releases.

i am not complaining. just that it takes 11 minutes to download every freaking time there is a change, and some of the changes are ????? why ???? I agree fully. My internet isn't the fastest, so it makes playing master impossible with the new updates every half hour. I would love to play master, bu...