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by cybersphinx
12 Jan 2016, 06:25
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Non-existent menu, building menu, map.
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Re: Non-existent menu, building menu, map.

GTX 850m sounds like a laptop, does it have integrated Intel graphics as well? If you right-click the Warzone .exe then properties, you should be able to tell it to run on the Nvidia chip I think (or you need to upgrade the Intel drivers as well).
by cybersphinx
26 Dec 2015, 23:12
Forum: Development
Topic: Attempt a 3.1.3 release before end of the year? (splitting)
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Re: Attempt a 3.1.3 release before end of the year? (splitti

I think it works like this: You do something, that input command (move somewhere, attack something...) is sent to the server. The server sends it to all other clients. Every game tick (10 times per second?) everyone processes all collected inputs and calculates the new game state from that. Everyone...
by cybersphinx
15 Dec 2015, 20:08
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: resoulution question
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Re: resoulution question

Try right-click→properties→compatibility→disable dpi scaling on the Warzone exe, that might help. I guess there is a way to set this directly in the program itself, which might be good to have.
by cybersphinx
08 Dec 2015, 23:21
Forum: Artwork
Topic: The Animator cut-scene thread. Post Here about the videos .
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Re: The Animator cut-scene thread. Post Here about the video

Maybe the game should have a set of models that are used for engine calculations (balance) in addition to those used on screen. At the moment, someone with e.g. the artrev models playing against someone without them doesn't work either I guess (could that be the reason for the desyncs people are see...
by cybersphinx
07 Dec 2015, 07:13
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: Deliberate FPS limiter
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Re: Deliberate FPS limiter

Would vsync + double bufferswap halve the frame rate? That might be an alternative to the old frame rate limiter without its problems (don't remember what those were).
by cybersphinx
08 Oct 2015, 22:59
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Porn embedded
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Re: Porn embedded

Some bored joker might have embedded it in a map that got downloaded when joining a multiplayer game (or was that fixed?). Or made a map based on some "risqué" image as heightmap, which would then show up as minimap in the game.
by cybersphinx
28 Sep 2015, 21:04
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Need Detailed Guide to Host Game Using Modem and Windows 7
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Re: Need Detailed Guide to Host Game Using Modem and Windows

Your system must be reachable on port 2100 from the internet. Doesn't matter if it's connected by modem or router.
by cybersphinx
24 Aug 2015, 21:26
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Your GitHub is awesome
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Re: Your GitHub is awesome

The only google hit for this quote I find seems to be about advertising an ebook site of questionable legality... (and Github themselves probably would get their grammar right...)
by cybersphinx
13 Aug 2015, 05:37
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Windoes 10 + Warzone
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Re: Windoes 10 + Warzone

Try to go where Warzone is installed, warzone2100.exe properties → compatibility → "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" (or whatever the name on Windows 10 is).
by cybersphinx
17 May 2015, 03:01
Forum: Development
Topic: About lobby
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Re: About lobby

ddos open source seems low to me, hard to understand the intention. People cheat and ddos in huge games like League of Legends, or fake their high scores in indie games (saw a few scores that were the maximum a signed 32 bit number can hold recently somewhere) - if it is public, someone with too mu...
by cybersphinx
15 May 2015, 23:05
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Animation Problems
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Re: Animation Problems

Try to record the game.
by cybersphinx
01 May 2015, 21:00
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: X-Box One Contoller UPLINK
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Re: X-Box One Contoller UPLINK

Tell us more about X-Box controllers. Do they use proprietary connectors or implement special protocols? Do they act like a mouse or joystick? They're a kind of gamepad with standardized layout: Two analog sticks you can also press, two analog triggers, one 8-directional digital pad, eight normal b...
by cybersphinx
21 Apr 2015, 22:56
Forum: Development
Topic: Aspect ratio
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Re: Aspect ratio

Jorzi, what is your opinion on aspect ratio? Should the models be adjusted to the correct aspect ratio or should this be left to the 'global' world to handle the aspect ratio, and making things always 4:3 instead of 16:9 or whatever else? (Yeah, black border to fix the aspect ratio...) The problem ...
by cybersphinx
15 Mar 2015, 20:13
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: bad publicity?
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Re: bad publicity?

What those sites basically do is offer any piece of (any form of) free software they can find, and SEO their sites to come up before the official sites. Pretty hard to fix, especially by contacting them.