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by 3drts
14 Aug 2007, 04:35
Forum: Mapping / Modding tools & discussions
Topic: How do I mod weapon/body stats
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How do I mod weapon/body stats

What program can I use to mod in game stats? Specifically I would like to increase the base damage done by the Assault cannon (to that of the medium cannon or more, as they are both supposed to be 76mm cannons) Increase the VToL ammo capacity for the Railgun, Needlegun, Flashlight laser, and all the...
by 3drts
02 Aug 2007, 21:20
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Heavy Body Vtols are too slow why?
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Re: Heavy Body Vtols are too slow why?

the mantis and vengance bodies can go a decent speed with decent weapons. I beleive a vengance + pulse laser went 630 - 660 with a pulse laser or scourge ( i forget), and 580 with a rail gun. Before you add a weapon to a vengance with full engine upgrades, it lists the speed as 700, but the extra 50...
by 3drts
01 Aug 2007, 21:08
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: Warzone 2100 wish list - all can contribute_part 1
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Re: Warzone 2100 wish list - all can contribute.

For the Xth time: More detailed polygon models and textures. Better looking rocket sprites Also for the Xth time: Better pathfinding, at 1.5x speed my VToLs circled their pads constantly, slowing down to 1.0x or 0.5x resolved this. *Multi-weapon fortresses and bastions, not some ridiculously oversiz...
by 3drts
01 Aug 2007, 05:41
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Topic: Hi, new to the forum
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Hi, new to the forum

Wow, I stopped playing Warzone a long time ago. I have gathered some information on the developments since then, but could anyone fill me in further on all relevant points: The source code has been released, it can now be freely downloaded(no need to dig up old CDs)? Multiple turrets per units are p...