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by Trash
29 Jul 2016, 18:23
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: Fix an addon
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Re: Fix an addon

You bet there is interest! It is definitely a wonderful enhancement (imho)!
by Trash
27 Mar 2016, 19:53
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: warzone 2100 publicity
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Re: warzone 2100 publicity

Would be nice to help people out in games, not auto-kick people on sight. That was part of the reason of redoing the ranking system, but, until that is done, it would help the community out if people stop kicking people just because they are new. Hopefully, we will get more players active, and this...
by Trash
21 Feb 2016, 18:14
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Install mods in ubuntu/linux mint
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Re: Install mods in ubuntu/linux mint

Just put them in the (hidden) folder: .warzone2100-3.1/3.1.3/mods

The subfolder "mods" might have to be created first and I also created WITHIN the "mods" folder a folder "autoload". Now when I place a mod in THAT folder it will automagically be loaded starting the game.
by Trash
21 Sep 2012, 02:48
Forum: Mapping / Modding tools & discussions
Topic: Map generation
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Re: Map generation

After downloading I gave it a try because I am loving the idea of a map generator. I can imagine creating random maps is hard or even impossible but this is getting closer it seems. Although I am not sure of gameplay being balanced the first hour spending with is was great. Unfortunately I finally g...