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by mitra
02 Jan 2008, 15:09
Forum: Development
Topic: itunes support
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itunes support

I know allot of people want music to be available through the game..
an from 2.1 only ogg will be supported. so why not add support for itunes, winamp or something else that works cross-platformwise?  allows everyone to listen to all their music without placing it in special folders etc..
by mitra
28 Dec 2007, 11:34
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Alpha campaign
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Re: Alpha campaign

having the same problem  on the same level.  but in my case one of my units have mysterly warp to the top right hand corner of the map.. and now i'm wondering how i enable freidnyl fire and destroy it?

also i'm on a mac and holding alt doesn't seem to do anything
by mitra
26 Dec 2007, 07:14
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Mac OsX save file crash
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Re: Mac OsX save file crash

have exakt same problem with 2.0.8 works fine loading a game saved at the end of a mission.  but not during a mission, just freezes and after 10-15 the program terminates itself.. in some of the save files i tried to open i heard a 0.1s sound clip before the freeze.. anyways if anyone know how to fi...