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by djbded
20 Apr 2009, 19:06
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Topic: NexusOS
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i had a crazy thought the other night about how cool it would be to have an operating system based off of warzone 2100's gui. specifically, the hub. thought it would work like this: Production Button: selecting the production button would bring up a window (above the Hub, much like in the game) with...
by djbded
14 Apr 2009, 20:21
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EvilGuru wrote:As for Ubuntu, we stay away from them and they stay away from us.

Regards, Freddie.

omg! i was hoping to play some warzone on this ubuntu partition =(

so debian is best for warzone? i may try it if so
by djbded
13 Sep 2006, 10:38
Forum: Development
Topic: New Features in Wz2100 which I want to see in future.
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Re: New Features in Wz2100 which I want to see in future.

Some kind of "Send help here" in radar screen. It's difficult to coordinate effords in a big map i think i understand what you mean by this. sorta like in guild wars where you can draw on the minimap or "ding" it and everyone in your party can see it. i like it! when i play multi vs comp i "turtle"...