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by Bluepanda
02 May 2011, 07:02
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Topic: Alpha 12/Beta 1 Glitch?
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Alpha 12/Beta 1 Glitch?

Hey all is this suppose to happen? After Alpha 12 - Transport mission with 10 min clock i recycled all of my units and started rebuilding them but i only had enough time to fill one transport. But i didn't reload and just continued on to Beta 1. So i start securing my base and defending off the coll...
by Bluepanda
30 Apr 2011, 13:30
Forum: Campaign
Topic: The *NEW* Warzone walkthrough (Done with RED units)
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Re: The *NEW* Warzone walkthrough (Done with RED units)

Hey i recently started playing this and i have a question regarding the earlier alpha missions in this guide. It says to build 5 power plants which i don't understand. According to the guide there's 4 oil derricks per power plant and additional power plants produce no extra energy. If that's true th...