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by Dizzi78
09 Nov 2007, 16:50
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: Rethinking WZ GFX
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Re: Rethinking WZ GFX

This is a futuristic game. They don't suit the theme. Maybe add some colour somwhere and more of a blockly concrete feel. I think the architecture is a bit basic too. This is only my opinion. They do look good. However, I woudnt use them.
by Dizzi78
13 Oct 2007, 00:07
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Multi player game announcements...
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Re: Multi player game announcements...

thing is, you woudnt know if the other person has connection issues. you guys can come to my little cousy gaming area on hamachi. The network is  Name: Dizzi Town  Password: Enter  (case sensitive)  2 wz players are there at the moment. played a few times. ;)
by Dizzi78
08 Oct 2007, 01:05
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Adding sounds
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Adding sounds

I'm making new sounds for Wz2100 (and music) I just want to ask you guys first, is there a way to make something like the explosion sound or cannon sound use 2 or more sounds randomly to make it seem more realistic ;) Hmm... Also, i don't know if i should fix the voices for campain etc because they ...
by Dizzi78
06 Oct 2007, 18:20
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: Warzone 2100 wish list - all can contribute_part 1
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Re: Warzone 2100 wish list - all can contribute.

Hm, I'm making new sounds and music... Better texture resolution? I doubt that is easy Another hover technology. Slower but stronger :S something like that. BTW, shoudn't there be a list of what the developers are doing? what happens if someone trys to do somthing and someone else is already making ...
by Dizzi78
02 Oct 2007, 16:08
Forum: Development
Topic: My ideas
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Re: My ideas

only if it's very slow and easy to kill :)
by Dizzi78
25 Sep 2007, 03:07
Forum: Development
Topic: Add free music
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Re: Add free music

The songs are on the right. You need flash. Hm, it's pretty big too. =/
by Dizzi78
25 Sep 2007, 03:06
Forum: Development
Topic: max. players 12
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Re: max. players 12

i want a 3 map... why is this not possible O.o i dont want cpu in the game as well as the 4th :@
by Dizzi78
23 Sep 2007, 18:45
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: operating system
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Re: operating system

If you go to vista, research a lot on how to tweak it. Vista expects you to have a high spec pc since it spams all it's services at you. :)
by Dizzi78
23 Sep 2007, 18:43
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Desktops.
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Re: Desktops.

It's windows vista. don't be fooled by the taskbar. lol. i disable themes etc ;)
by Dizzi78
23 Sep 2007, 18:31
Forum: Bug reporting
Topic: Windows Vista
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Re: Windows Vista

erm.. my pc is fine. everything is fine. maybe u didnt install your drivers? or maybe u forgot to insert ur graphics card :S. also, try to tweak a lot of the unused services and processes and defragment your harddrive. your games can still lag even though u have a top of the range pc.
by Dizzi78
23 Sep 2007, 18:09
Forum: Development
Topic: Add free music
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Re: Add free music

I'm a electronic musician. I'm strong in the field of ambient and atmospheric music. :) So I'd guess I could make somthing decent for this game? the whole reason I play this game is because of the music lol. check  not really game type of music songs but I'll get work...
by Dizzi78
23 Sep 2007, 17:55
Forum: Mapping / Modding tools & discussions
Topic: Unit Ranks
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Unit Ranks

I'm too new to find out how to do this. Therefor, How could I change the multiplayer unit rank system? I want to make it less kills to rank up. This way, it will make the ranks more effective during multiplayer :)
by Dizzi78
16 Sep 2007, 21:59
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Multi player game talk...
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Re: Multi player game talk...

One way to get everyone connected is by going to the irc and request for a game. preferably in a new irc room for multiplayer. :) if anyone is looking for a game, at anytime, join    Dizzi Town    Password = enter    on hamachi. :)