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by useless player
28 Jul 2010, 20:04
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Topic: A few weeks forward
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A few weeks forward

Okay, I am a few weeks forward and gone through the campaign. I don't play on the internet as I have a limit to my broadband, so I play against the comp. I have a few questions 1 - Despite taking over oil wells and creating more energy the production and building projects are very slow 2 - The skirm...
by useless player
05 Jul 2010, 20:42
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Topic: Newbie
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Hi just getting into the game. I am trying to get my setting right. Every time I start a game and start getting set up I am just obliterated by the other side who have far superior weapons than I have. I stand no chance, its quite dispiriting that you can't even have a chance to get off the ground. ...