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by Michal
07 Jul 2010, 10:22
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: Bases defining
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Re: Bases defining

Napisz po polsku a ja przetumacze :D

Anyway - 2120 mod isn't ready yet ?
by Michal
28 Jun 2010, 14:32
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: *** 8c-Hamilcar
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Re: *** 8c-Hamilcar

The player 'outside the castle' is supposed to protect the coast on his side, and the 3 other players from being knocked by arty. Otherwise it'd too easy to take some land on the other side, build ripples and rush with sensors. I played it once, against noobs who did't even take the oil on their sid...
by Michal
21 Jun 2010, 11:07
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: Credit After Quitting...
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Re: Credit After Quitting...

Powzone wrote:2:53 and tired?? :D I played some 10 to 14 hour matches 1v1 2 years ago!! :D

...but yeah, just win or loose! No quitting!
Wow, was that on highpower, on 'stock' map?
by Michal
17 Jun 2010, 12:18
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Reparing the commander in the field...
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Re: Reparing the commander in the field...

IMO 5 mobile (hover) small repair turrets are the best - I like them more than carrying trucks around.

Hmm, maybe we should make Ctr+Click combination for "repair commander" order? I tried to cheat that, by ordering repair tanks to move near commander - they start repairs automatically.
by Michal
15 Jun 2010, 21:38
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Adorable squeezed cat smilies
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Re: Adorable squeezed cat smilies

I second that!

These cats are so kawaii ^^ ^w^ ^^ ;)
by Michal
14 Jun 2010, 21:53
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: judgementpass2bfin = 8 player. have fun.
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Re: judgementpass2bfin = 8 player. have fun.

Well... Looks good and interesting - I have to give it a try soon ;)
by Michal
12 Jun 2010, 14:19
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: so many cheaters + lamers these days.
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Re: so many cheaters + lamers these days.

I have a question about this 'server side' thing - if host quits for 'some reason', will the server be able to 'carry on', or show the victory screen? I'm asking, because recently some of my friends won a match against host, who quit and left them with unfinished battle. Personally when I see that h...
by Michal
08 Jun 2010, 18:02
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: New Unit - The Bulldozer
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Re: New Unit - The Bulldozer

I agree - not a new unit, add this to trucks.

Truck rushing would be so fun - not only building, but demolishing enemy base :D.

But... It may destroy the balance or greatly effect the way early game is played.
by Michal
07 Jun 2010, 16:39
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: so many cheaters + lamers these days.
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Re: so many cheaters + lamers these days.

If you play highpower maps, a '1000 MGs' for rush is quite a normal style. Otherwise it will go into a massive ripple/Vtol/whatever battle. As for cheating - that might be a connection problem - lag causes game going out of sync, and then it 'foces synchronization' by destroying buildings. Sometimes...
by Michal
05 Jun 2010, 08:45
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: need more forum moderators
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Re: need more forum moderators

Moderators are not the issue. 'Good' communities are self-regulating, that's something that should be achieved. Now I can see that 'some' problems are about to start on the forum (e.g. Olrox/Dylan stuff). Moderating that and sticking to rules will only hide the real problem. I was absent from the fo...
by Michal
04 Jun 2010, 08:46
Forum: Challenges
Topic: Challenge: No Place To Hide
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Re: Challenge: No Place To Hide

I think it's possible to win that way. Because...
AI will waste units trying to destroy defences :D

When it comes to research though... You don't really need many technologies, just one or two specialized weapons (AG + HV cannon probably). But when the VTOLs will come - Take Cover! :D
by Michal
04 Jun 2010, 08:31
Forum: Challenges
Topic: Challenge: Hide Behind Me
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Re: Challenge: Hide Behind Me

And it depends on the propulsion the Infernos were on. But well, HMGs or Assault guns should have blasted them pretty easy - but - keep the distance. I did the challenge on some beta version, using cheats to slow game down - on 0,3 speed I sometimes still had to be fast :D. Maybe I'll try to replay ...
by Michal
02 Jun 2010, 21:08
Forum: Mapping / Modding tools & discussions
Topic: 4c-CityWarfare(256x256)
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Re: 4c-CityWarfare(256x256)

Well, everything's cool, but... Those impact craters on concrete - look a bit odd for me (and depends on how will they look in-game). Maybe we need a new tile for that?
by Michal
30 May 2010, 10:49
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Away for undetermined period of time.
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Re: Away for undetermined period of time.

Oh gosh, I was ' Away for undetermined period of time', I come back there's such a mess... Olrox, here's my advice (if not 'too late'): - some ppl are *******s - there's no point in being affected by them. I see your 'general personality', and it would be useful for you to learn how to 'don't care'....
by Michal
07 May 2010, 14:37
Forum: Development
Topic: Too hard!
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Re: Too hard!

Oh man it was a joke. kringled and Orlox are right.

It's just even native-speakers sometimes mark such 'text' as unreadable.