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by Amund
29 Mar 2011, 00:41
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: About videos.
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Re: About videos.

For what it is worth, we do have the original uncompressed avi vids someplace on GNA I think, 1GB or more of data, if you think you can encode them better, then be our guest. :) It's time to improve on the quality I think, with my 1920x1080 40" TV and the new fantastic graphics of the trunk version...
by Amund
23 Sep 2009, 22:50
Forum: Artwork
Topic: Models by MaNGusT (AR)
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Re: models by MaNGusT

Fantastic! I love it, especially the Viper. But I think the textures should be 'cleaner', I think it will look very fuzzy when you have 50 of these on the screen, tiny tiny ones... maybe think of letting the textures underline the shapes of the model rather than adding lots of... 'texture' to it ? J...
by Amund
23 Sep 2009, 21:59
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Will there be a new version with updated graphics, etc?
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Re: Will there be a new version with updated graphics, etc?

I know, it's to keep it modern and competitive versus all the modern games we have, but a complete overhaul? I want to play the same game. I'd rather see people working entirely on the mechanics and gameplay than making it "flashier." That kind of aesthetic focus is a turn that many games took that...