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by zereoin
23 Aug 2009, 14:52
Forum: News and announcements
Topic: 2.2.2 has been released!
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Re: 2.2.2 has been released!

Thanks guys. Just in time for a LAN we're having. I owe you big time.

P.S. Does anybody know if that tutorial for the A.I. is out of date since it names a directory that I don't seem to have. I found a file with A.I. scripts. Should the tutorial be updated maybe?
by zereoin
15 Aug 2009, 18:35
Forum: Website feedback
Topic: Project is a mess
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Re: Project is a mess


Yup, warzone sucks so I'm gona be like :scream: as I play 25 hour lans...
Don't feed the troll.
by zereoin
18 May 2009, 23:26
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Warzone 2100 on XBOX
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Re: Warzone 2100 on XBOX

Hey, I'm new to the forums. Love playing warzone. I want to have lans with my friends. I was wondering if it would work to just put linux on some old xboxs and link them together. I know that xbox controlers use usb interfaces so you can just switch the ports for usb ports. If we use xboxs we don't ...