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by physaro
26 Dec 2006, 20:36
Forum: Development
Topic: Multiplayer Save
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Re: Multiplayer Save

I would love to see a pause function too. But I think it shouldn't just be the host who can pause but every player. Because for example if I get an phone call or like that it just would take too much time to write a message and than to hope that the host will read it and will pause some second...
by physaro
26 Dec 2006, 14:24
Forum: Development
Topic: Discusion: Network Protocol (masterserver)
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Re: Discusion: Network Protocol (masterserver)

Sorry that I enter the discussion this late, but I just found Warzone2100 yesterday. I think this is a very cool project. Now about the Network Protocol, I would personally prefer a binary protocol. Simply because its most efficient and its easy to parse and its small. One example for a good binary ...