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by Link_17
03 Jul 2021, 20:22
Forum: Website feedback
Topic: Faulty website/wiki
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Faulty website/wiki

Hello, unfortunately the website in general is as good as dead, in the forum is rarely answered & some posts of mine are not sent/displayed at all. If I already talk about the "beta" guide, then many pages simply comes an error message, from the wiki I do not even start, there it still slumbers at v...
by Link_17
02 Jul 2021, 21:14
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Any Debug Menu Manual
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Any Debug Menu Manual

Is there a manual for the debug menu? There are different tabs there. Under "Context" you can execute different commands. Unfortunately, there is nothing about it anywhere? Apparently you can change different values but how?
by Link_17
02 Jul 2021, 21:10
Forum: Skirmish / Multiplay
Topic: Debug Menu - Give AI to player
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Debug Menu - Give AI to player

When you open the cheat menu, you can change the AI and assign another one. You can choose between 11 players, 0 + 1-10 = 11, but if you want to assign an AI, there you only have the choice between 0-9 (10). I mostly use player 10 as scavenger. But without assigning an AI to it, it's pretty pointles...
by Link_17
02 Jul 2021, 19:49
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Place Cheat Menu Walls vertical?
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Place Cheat Menu Walls vertical?

How can u place these instant Walls vertical? They always set horizontal and where can i send feedback for the AIs?
by Link_17
28 Jun 2021, 22:04
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: Inscrutable installation paths
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Inscrutable installation paths

Hello, The official site talks about a folder in %appdata%, the wiki talks about the folder in "Documents" and somewhere else they talk about the folder in the Program Files, now where to put the addons? I have followed the instructions in the wiki exactly, but when I enter this command, an error me...