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by OMalley
14 Nov 2020, 18:35
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: TenguAI - map analysing, neural network using AI
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Re: TenguAI - map analysing, neural network using AI

Made it play a few rounds against a few other bots 1v1 (Tengu vs Tengu, Ratbot vs Tengu and Nullbot vs Tengu), and there were a few things I noticed: The bot mainly focused on the synaptic link data analysis research tree - which is an interesting concept. The only downside is it didn't research alm...
by OMalley
13 Nov 2020, 02:03
Forum: Mapping / Modding tools & discussions
Topic: Flame Tileset error
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Flame Tileset error

Not sure where to ask but every time I load my tilesets on Flame it says couldn't find them:
Is there a more complicated way to load the tilesets or why don't they work whenever I try it?
(It either says didn't find tilesets, or then it doesn't say or anything and still couldn't load the sets.)