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by Steambabbage
03 Jul 2020, 14:38
Forum: Artwork
Topic: Models by MaNGusT (AR)
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Re: Models by MaNGusT (AR)

warehouse. wip :-) Untitled.png Old steam era to WW2 industrial buildings had glass skylights to let lots of light into the workshops. I suspects that is what those rectangles on the roof are meant to be. Great artwork by the way, been using it for a day on my Raspberry Pi4 with 3.4. You got me hoo...
by Steambabbage
03 Jul 2020, 14:27
Forum: News and announcements
Topic: Release 3.4.0
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Re: Release 3.4.0

This new release works well on Raspberry Pi4's.
Got an audio problem, but that might a Raspberry Pi OS 5.4 kernel issue.
Version 3.2.1 sound is ok.
The HRTF audio stuff is very interesting, was not aware of that technology before.