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by gesierfou
24 Apr 2017, 09:52
Forum: News and announcements
Topic: Release 3.2.3 is out
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Re: Release 3.2.3 is out

Nice, very nice !
Good Work, one of the Best Game ever.
Thank to all the comunity for your support.
by gesierfou
01 Aug 2016, 00:01
Forum: News and announcements
Topic: Release 3.2.1
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Re: Release 3.2.1

I'm very happy to see as a best game of all time with much update !
I love to play this game as the firt day in 1998 ^^
Good work for all the team who permit to live this project.
by gesierfou
26 Oct 2011, 21:14
Forum: Ideas and suggestions
Topic: New family weapon technolgy idea !!!
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New family weapon technolgy idea !!!

Hello all warzone fan !!! I have a idea:
A new weapon trunk: Psy technologie !
Why not, this new tech will stop oil production of enemys for many seconds ?
I don't know if it's a good idea but i think that it's good no ?
Long life to WZ2100 Game, best regards ! Gesierfou a french fan player.
by gesierfou
02 Nov 2010, 11:45
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: Crash during unit design
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Re: Crash during unit design

Hello, i have the same problem, with the french language. When i go to design new unit, the game crash and return to desktop without error message.
I just trying to play with english language and there is no probleme in design unit.
Surely a translation problem i think.
Good game for all on WZ2100.
by gesierfou
11 Jun 2010, 10:51
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: Warzone Theater (credits replacement)
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Re: Warzone Theater (credits replacement)

Yes, i love it !
Humoristic and impressive task force 0_° !
It is a very good idea, good job guy.
by gesierfou
24 Apr 2010, 13:52
Forum: News and announcements
Topic: New website design
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Re: New website design

I love the new front page web site.
Very interesting for new player on this game.
This new presentation add more professionalism to the GREAT Warzone 2100.
Thanks to all the equip to offer the best str game !
by gesierfou
20 Sep 2009, 12:08
Forum: Development
Topic: Post your system specs
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Re: Post your system specs

* CPU type & speed. [AMD Opteron 165 @2400mhz]
* RAM amount. [2GB Gskill HV PC4000]
* Video card Brand, and amount of RAM it has. [AMD HD4870 1GB ]
* OS: [Windows XP SP3]
by gesierfou
10 Jun 2009, 23:44
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Improving AI
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Re: Improving AI

Erfff ! Ok ai of becomeprey is better, but it is boring ! Always attack on ground and rarely on air ! With the 2.2 version of wz2100 standard ai is a few better but is not this ! The problem is that i know nothing in script of the ia and i ask a programmer to put a very interesting ai in this fabulo...
by gesierfou
17 May 2009, 12:15
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: BecomePrey 2.92* (NOT the original 2.92!)
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Re: BecomePrey 2.92

This mod work nice, but we had note two problem :
AI don't produce VTOL
Windows return sometimes in multiplayer
by gesierfou
15 May 2009, 00:21
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Improving AI
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Improving AI

Hello ! I would to know if someone have think to upgrade AI on this fabulous game. I know that player vs player is the most game, but when we play in multiplyer skirmish with friends we find that AI is very poor. Any volunteer to up this ia ? Best regard Gesierfou. PS: Long life to WZ2100. ;) ;) ;) ;)
by gesierfou
21 Jul 2008, 03:15
Forum: 2.1.x
Topic: 2.1 beta 4 problem !!!
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2.1 beta 4 problem !!!

We have a very critical problem with this beta 4 !
We are three gamers in the french wz2100 open game ! and we can't launch the game. Because we can't see menu and the game crash !