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by Berserk Cyborg
15 Feb 2023, 08:24
Forum: Scripting
Topic: how to write mod / mod does nothing
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Re: how to write mod / mod does nothing

Mods are loaded as .wz files (really .zip) that point to a directory either inside data/base or data/mp depending on if the game is using a campaign or skirmish/multiplayer setting (this is your base.wz or mp.wz file with the installed game--never modify these directly but feel free to copy and mold...
by Berserk Cyborg
19 Nov 2022, 18:51
Forum: Skirmish / Multiplay
Topic: Can't beat Cobra on medium. Suggestions?
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Re: Can't beat Cobra on medium. Suggestions?

Cobra and BoneCrusher are the toughest AIs so they are best played against once you get really good at the game and know the tech tree very well. They can beat pros at the game. As the author of Cobra, I designed it specifically to have the best research tree of any bot and put lots of tweaks into h...
by Berserk Cyborg
31 Oct 2022, 00:07
Forum: Addon discussions
Topic: Maps and Their Compatible WZ2100 Versions
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Re: Maps and Their Compatible WZ2100 Versions

Typically most maps here should work in current releases (especially 2012+ topics). Map-mods might not.

As for info, hmm, if the author uploaded them to the addons section here you'll get an idea when they made it during what version.
by Berserk Cyborg
24 Oct 2022, 16:54
Forum: Scripting
Topic: Testing Bots
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Re: Testing Bots

Attaching via the debug menu is the way to go for examining bot behavior. You won't need to save anyway (it won't work as you found out). I usually set the speed to 10x or 20x when I test Cobra. Bigger maps with more AIs will be more stressful on a system and take longer so I usually limit myself to...
by Berserk Cyborg
19 Oct 2022, 00:41
Forum: Campaign
Topic: Unable to Finish Gamma 8
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Re: Unable to Finish Gamma 8

Check the map for stray units as win conditions on home base maps are satisfied by destroying all enemy units and structures. Probably a sensor unit close by lurking in the shadows.
by Berserk Cyborg
23 Sep 2022, 22:45
Forum: News and announcements
Topic: Release 4.2.7
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Re: Release 4.2.7

What i don't like : changing Cobra AI, it's now almost a new AI; changing Nexus AI, what about the old players?; making Nullbot the default AI, Nullbot isn't that good, although now it's fixed. also it seems that you like NoQ very much, the new Nexus, Cobra, and Semperfi AIs all kinda follow its co...
by Berserk Cyborg
31 Aug 2022, 20:36
Forum: Other Talk
Topic: Hello
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Re: Hello

Nice of you to drop by! :wheee:

While the internals of Warzone 2100 have evolved over the years, it still feels like that same ole fun and awesome game you would remember.
by Berserk Cyborg
25 Aug 2022, 04:47
Forum: Technical Help / Troubleshooting
Topic: 58gb file
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Re: 58gb file

Windows will just update it for you when you install it from the Windows app store.

If you mean the WZ2100 game config file you probably encountered by messing with invalid structures in a mod before a mid-4.2 release.
by Berserk Cyborg
01 Aug 2022, 17:20
Forum: Website feedback
Topic: im worried for my laptop
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Re: im worried for my laptop

Yes, we use Sourceforge to provide the campaign videos and releases. So you are fine. You can also get releases through our GitHub
by Berserk Cyborg
08 Jun 2022, 18:59
Forum: Game related Discussions
Topic: Hellstorm firing pattern (v4.2.7)
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Re: Hellstorm firing pattern (v4.2.7)

Yes, that is intentional. Campaign was totally rebalanced with the merging of the "camBalance" project around 4.1.0-beta1 and then minor tweaks with two other releases after for Beta/Gamma. The changelog for camBalance spans into 1000+ lines so it's not included but you can find that in our Discord ...
by Berserk Cyborg
12 Mar 2022, 17:50
Forum: Website feedback
Topic: Forgot my password any way to change my email?
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Re: Forgot my password any way to change my email?

You can make a new account. Editing the e-mail doesn't appear to be possible.
by Berserk Cyborg
25 Feb 2022, 07:50
Forum: Campaign
Topic: Balance when passing company
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Re: Balance when passing company

You are not imagining things. We finished our rebalance project of the campaign and merged it into the game around the release of 4.1.0. Now the player can use every weapon they get without a couple of them being super overpowered. TheMouseMaster's guide will still be mostly relevant on Easy/Normal:...
by Berserk Cyborg
19 Jan 2022, 21:05
Forum: Game related Discussions
Topic: Help with installation MXLinux
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Re: Help with installation MXLinux

Did you init submodules first?

Code: Select all

git submodule update --init --recursive
by Berserk Cyborg
15 Jan 2022, 07:24
Forum: Artwork
Topic: Models by MaNGusT (AR)
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Re: Models by MaNGusT (AR)

:ninja: Won't be long.

Post a screenshot of your new Water Tower model?