Idea for maps or challenges: Tower Defense

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Idea for maps or challenges: Tower Defense

Post by _Topi_ » 02 Nov 2019, 17:02

In this concept, waves of scavengers or AI units must go through a winding path, trying to reach their goal at other side of the map. The player or players (co-op) need to construct defensive structures near the path to destroy all enemies. Player's units are not able to go to the path. Probably production of units or factories should be disabled and the player(s) would start with enough trucks. I think this could be implemented as a map, map/mod or as a challenge.

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Re: Idea for maps or challenges: Tower Defense

Post by Berserk Cyborg » 03 Nov 2019, 00:18

NoQ made a tower defense mod with completely custom maps some time ago. Don't know if it works with modern version of Warzone since I haven't checked it out myself.

This is an idea I'd like to see as a challenge someday. I believe challenges have massive potential. It would be great to see more than simple match against teams of AI, but, with custom game rules, scenarios, and whatnot. Challenges already support this, just nobody has made anything yet to take advantage of it.

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