Flamer aim?

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Flamer aim?

Post by LezzoMazonn » 09 Oct 2019, 01:38

I've noticed the starting flamer (in SP skyrmish) almost never hits his targets, buildings or enemies, the turrets basically shots friendly units when firing.
Don't know about the inferno and such, right now i've noticed only that, still need to research the others.

Also noticed something similar with mgs, just spray all over the place, the AI doesn't seem to be THAT much affected.

Not that much gamebreaking, but still a pain to watch.

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Berserk Cyborg
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Re: Flamer aim?

Post by Berserk Cyborg » 10 Oct 2019, 22:19

Flamers tend to have poor long range accuracy, however, that isn't necessarily a bad thing and notably helps a fleeing unit that can keep its distance from a pursuing flamer. Probably one of the best cases of where army speed can make a big difference going against flamers.

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long range = 3 tiles @ 40% accuracy
short range = 2 tiles @ 90% accuracy

long range = 4 tiles @ 50% accuracy
short range = 3 tiles @ 75% accuracy
Friendly fire only happens if the weapon has splash damage (mostly cannon/mortar like weapons) and the AI doesn't have any magical buffs to accuracy that I know of. Most likely some AI controlled units were within that short range distance of whatever they were attacking.

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Re: Flamer aim?

Post by Prot » 11 Oct 2019, 05:34

Yeah, in Math or Balance it may necessary.
But visual it look ugly, when cyborg before shot a foe, turns to the side at 45 degrees and shoots a flamethrower.

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Re: Flamer aim?

Post by nick87720z » 15 Oct 2019, 07:34

Is it impossible to make dispersion based on exact distance instead of range classification short/medium/long?
When I played flamer tanks in skirmish, units did not intentionally turn aim, but sometimes fire goes up to 90 deg to side. Not just ugly, but... impossible (can't remember exact situation, probably target was enough close).
when cyborg before shot a foe, turns to the side at 45 degrees and shoots a flamethrower.
Never noticed units turning to some angle to shooting line, but it could be another bug, I encountered these days: when on High-Ground I tried to shoot something behind closer derick on enemy side with mortar (played Return to Basics, then tested Cobra AI in same conditions), sometimes mortar clearly chose different target, so I had to click several times.

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