Unable to sell Warzone2100?

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Unable to sell Warzone2100?

Post by lucas600l » 06 Oct 2018, 13:54

Hello everyone! My name is Lucas, I'm from Brazil and I'm new here at the Forum. Sorry if my English is not good and let's go for what matters. :...:

I have followed your project a long time ago, as do many other Brazilians who see your work, but prefer to remain hidden. What I want to know is, can you sell Warzone 2100 at STEAM? Are you allowed to do this? Have you talked to the Game Developers? I know there are a lot of people who want the game for free, but we Brazilians like the product at hand, besides helping the person with a legal financial amount. We do not want to annoy the people who want the free game, but the work is very well done that makes you want to buy, or specifying better here, the game is already perfect, but your work recreating this game is totally commendable! :idea:

Thank you all, I hope you respond and sorry for anything. :wink:

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Re: Unable to sell Warzone2100?

Post by alfred007 » 06 Oct 2018, 16:37

If you want to make some donations go here

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Re: Unable to sell Warzone2100?

Post by NoQ » 06 Oct 2018, 19:23

Currently the Warzone 2100 Project is not a commercial organization; it is merely a fact of collaboration of a few independent people over the internet. They don't make profits, and if they were given money, they don't have a procedure to distribute money among developers. The aforementioned donation button is there only for paying the server hosting costs: it was added when the old, cheap server could not fulfill the needs of the growing community.

Selling copies of Warzone 2100 is allowed as long as our GPLv2+ license agreement is followed. Mostly it means that you must provide source code from which the copy that you distribute was built, to anybody who buys a copy from you.

Going for a Steam game, regardless of money (eg., Battle for Wesnoth has made a wonderful free Steam game), is considered to be a bit too early because current releases are not stable enough for a good first impression. Though it's mostly agreed that it would have been great for attracting new players and, potentially, new code or content contributors.

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Re: Unable to sell Warzone2100?

Post by Doruletz » 03 Nov 2018, 08:46

lucas600l wrote:
06 Oct 2018, 13:54
We do not want to annoy the people who want the free game...
Well, guess what? You just did...

Why, why, why would like to spoil a good thing and try to sell something that's available for free???
It's immoral, to say the least....
The world is full of proprietary games and other software, and lots of people are unhappy with that, me included.
The main reason why I ditched Window$ and switch to Linux some 8 years ago, was so I will NEVER, EVER have to agree to a EULA or pay anything for any app, software or game.
What do I think about Window$ ??? Just see my AVATAR...

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