Help appreciated-Post Alpha7 transpo mission

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Help appreciated-Post Alpha7 transpo mission

Post by humint » 23 Mar 2017, 00:31

So my grand army finds itself on an away mission to stop NP units searching for artefacts with the added catch of not letting any units escape. Sound simples..and mebbe it is..just not for the troops or their unhappy commander. They've cleared out the scav bases to the south and north east of the map, the Np on the plateau, picked up the artefact, head back up the plateau and bombard the ever loving f**k out of the foolish ai that just sits their until far so gravy, however, as soon at the folks get within 15 tiles of the enemy lz, they trigger the transpo which land, picks nobody up(cos they be dead as elvis) and promptly fucks off..leaving me high and dry.. Really not sure what to do (~:

Update,- of course, immediately after posting I moved the rufty tufty sensor out a tile or two and it picked up two more NP...called down the arty and get a call to return to the lz..hooray,let's head there!! We're here..where the f**k is the tramspo?? Times almost out!! Don't worry, it'll be here.mission failed..what the actual f**k..'s actually post alfa 11..ish...Apologies for any confusion (:
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Re: Help appreciated-Post Alpha7 transpo mission

Post by Bethrezen » 23 Jul 2017, 23:11

Actually Alpha 11 is fairly easy and it's possibly to intercept the convoy before they even pick up the artefact what i do is deploy 8 heavy machine gunners 1 commander and a builder

After landing have your builder build a repair bay, call in reinforcements if you intend to kill the enemy instead of just absconding with the artefact, attach your heavy machine gunners to the commander and immediately proceed into the canyon and move to where the artefact is located you will find it all the way to the left in the canyon ignore the scavs

you should find the convoy just to the left of the first ramp wipe them out and then go collect the artefact and you will immediately get the return to LZ message what you do after that is up to you either you can do as instructed and go back to the LZ and end the level of you can sweep and clear the map and once every last enemy and enemy structure has been destroyed the level will end automatically

on Alpha 11 you will wind up in trouble if you go after the scavs first as the convoy will escape with the artefact but if you go after the artefact first before you do anything else this mission is actually really easy

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