Enhanced Balance Mod for 3.x

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Re: Enhanced Balance Mod for 3.x

Post by WZ2100ModsFAn » 01 Oct 2019, 23:24

I've been having memory issues on windows 10 too.
Steps to reproduce.
add the same weapon over and over again. Like a 100 MGs then change them to a different name each and finally play WZ and you can reproduce this issue.

Code: Select all

    "MG1Mk1": {
        "buildPoints": 50,
        "buildPower": 10,
        "damage": 10,
        "designable": 1,
        "effectSize": 100,
        "facePlayer": 1,
        "firePause": 5,
        "flags": "ShootAir",
        "flightGfx": "FXTracer.PIE",
        "flightSpeed": 1500,
        "hitGfx": "FXMETHIT.PIE",
        "hitpoints": 75,
        "id": "MG1Mk1",
        "longRange": 768,
        "longHit": 50,
        "maxElevation": 90,
        "minElevation": -60,
        "minimumDamage": 33,
        "missGfx": "FXDIRTsp.PIE",
        "model": "GNLMG1.PIE",
        "mountModel": "TRLMG1.PIE",
        "movement": "DIRECT",
        "muzzleGfx": "FXLMgun.PIE",
        "name": "Machinegun",
        "numExplosions": 1,
        "recoilValue": 20,
        "rotate": 180,
        "shortHit": 75,
        "shortRange": 512,
        "waterGfx": "FXSSplsh.PIE",
        "weaponClass": "KINETIC",
        "weaponEffect": "ANTI PERSONNEL",
        "weaponSubClass": "MACHINE GUN",
        "weaponWav": "mgbar2.ogg",
        "weight": 200
By adding so many MG stats I can reproduce this issue on 10.
You can test the MGstats file below to see the memory crash on windows.
This adds 200 Machine gun copies.
Shift + Backspace
Enter "give all" Enter
Then scroll through all the machine guns.
This is just a test not a mod.
I tested this on 10 players with T3.
After i scrolled through all of them when i quit the game it crashes.
No error message it just closes.
GPLv2 licensed Just in case.
It uses regular WZ as base from MP in 3.3.0
Test with 200 Machine gun copies added.
(12.12 KiB) Downloaded 2 times
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Re: Enhanced Balance Mod for 3.x

Post by Gooberfish » 02 Oct 2019, 02:59

Thanks for your reply - I'll fire up my linux box and try it there.

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Re: Enhanced Balance Mod for 3.x

Post by LezzoMazonn » 09 Oct 2019, 15:25

4 player map " Boxed " is broken, you can't even build oil derricks because scavs start bombarding you with mortars
AI on easy doesn't rebuild after he has been destroyed by scavs early game, my ally isn't making trucks after i cleaned his base from the scavs, he keeps building tanks and sending them in the enemy bases.

Also i think i did something wrong, is it intended to have basically double buildings and weapons/bodies?

Another thing is: the early sensor research is a bit painful, scavenger WILL attack after basically one minute ingame and you can't see and shoot them because of this weird research. Doesn't make much sense to me that you can't see over 2 tiles of distance, you have big tanks with guns and can't see over a rock?

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