Warzone comic

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Warzone comic

Post by Ancestral » 07 Feb 2016, 00:36


This topic is related to the following Pull request ion Github.

The idea is to add a copy of the "Warzone comic" from on the Warzone 2100 CD1, in the Warzone 2100 "doc" folder as a bonus (As a compressed PDF or other).

Originals comic BMP files can be downloaded here.

The comic is covered by the following articles from the Warzone 2100 source and data GPL licence:
4) Permission is granted to use the name "Warzone 2100", the logos, stories, texts and related materials.

5) Permission is granted to copy and distribute unaltered copies and/or images of the original game discs in any medium, provided that they are distributed free of charge and retain their original copyright and trademark notices.

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