Reporting of bugs - updated - see if this helps

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Reporting of bugs - updated - see if this helps

Post by lav_coyote25 » 05 Sep 2006, 02:25

Read the following How To... , for reporting a bug!

* Use the Forums-Search to find out, if your bug has or has not been reported yet.

* Write something meaningful into the topic. not just  “I found a bug”.
  Instead, write "when units chosen game segfaults"

* Copy the following "Reporting Template" and Paste it into your message.

* fill out the template. Write a report with a more detailed description of the bug and how to reproduce it.

* Put your Warzone2100 logfiles and/or screenshots as attachment to your post.

Reporting Template


Warzone2100 Version

Operating System

Hardware Information

Warzone2100 Configuration

Bug Description

DO NOT!  say " i found a bug.... " or similar... this does not help at all.
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Re: Reporting of bugs - updated - see if this helps

Post by DevUrandom » 05 Sep 2006, 19:56

I updated Kamaze's howto with your ideas.
I didn't copy the big blue font, though...

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Re: Reporting of bugs - updated - see if this helps

Post by Kamaze » 06 Sep 2006, 14:45

To keep the Bug-Reporting forum free, moved to "Site Feedback".
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