crazy mess droidType

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crazy mess droidType

Postby Prot » 13 Feb 2018, 19:30

When i need to compare if truck construction or cyborg construction, i'm facing a problem where going something crazy, where i can enum only cyborg construction but not trucks, because enumDroid by type DROID_CONSTRUCT return both types.
Then i look into source and found this crazy whacky code:
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   switch (droidType) // hide some engine craziness
      droidType2 = DROID_CYBORG_CONSTRUCT; break;
      droidType2 = DROID_CYBORG_SUPER; break;
      droidType2 = DROID_CYBORG_REPAIR; break;
      droidType2 = DROID_CYBORG_SUPER; break;
      droidType2 = droidType;

In game cyborg and truck construction is separate, and this really different units, but in function enumDroid cyborg eq to all constructions :augh: whhooaa??
Then i can just call enumDroid(me, 10) and get only cyborgs constructions, but cant get ONLY trucks, if i call enumDroid(me, DROID_CONSTRUCT) i get both types..
Same thing with just compare if(droid.droidType == ???) what i need to pass there to check, if this truck or cyborg ??
Something like if(droid.body == "Body1REC") then it may be starting construction truck... but.. but.. ohh.. this is crazy.
I think we need to separate DROID_CONSTRUCT and DROID_CYBORG_CONSTRUCT.
I don't understand why was there a need to do SO??
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Re: crazy mess droidType

Postby MIH-XTC » 13 Feb 2018, 22:24

I think droidType was introduced sometime last year in /stats/repair.json and /stats/contruction.json ... ction.json

Maybe you are referencing the wrong variable name? These are the droidTypes:


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Re: crazy mess droidType

Postby Per » 13 Feb 2018, 22:52

This was done deliberately, because DROID_<blah> was a confused mess that altered between pointing to a specific unit, and unit role. In JS scripts now, it is meant to point to a role. If you want to sort by a specific unit, check the name. If you want to check if it is any cyborg construction worker, lookif it is cyborg and construction role.
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