More hardpoints for skirmish type games

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More hardpoints for skirmish type games

Postby noidea » 19 Jan 2017, 02:31

Sometimes I find myself really wanting to play as a base builder and it got me to thinking, why do so many of the available weapons not exist as hardpoints? Wouldn't that increase their defensive?

The heavy laser, the first AA(hurricane, I think), the mini pods, plasma cannon, and there's no stormbringer hardpoint. I don't remember seeing a twin assault cannon hard point either, come to think of it. Lastly, I could see an advantage to long range weapon hardpoints too. Mortars, ripple rockets, howitzers and archangel hardpoints. Even a plasmite hardpoint could be useful for cyborg assaults.

And what about radar hard points? The radars are particularly susceptible to quick demolition when it seems like I least expect some tank by the AI that comes around the corner quickly. The additional beefiness in the construction would be much appreciated.
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