New release planning (3.2.4)/ 3.3.0

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Re: New release planning (3.2.4)/ 3.3.0

Postby pastdue » 12 Feb 2018, 02:04

Forgon wrote:The display scaling patch has made it impossible for me to use this game. And for how many other users, I wonder?
I'd like some more time to test at least the most popular Linux distributions. Current problems:
  • Window size can no longer be chosen without trickery.
    Previously, it could be set via command line (using the '--resolution' option), config file or in the game (using the 'Video Options' menu).

    Now the game maximises the window, overriding the chosen screen resolution. That new resolution can cause the game to crash for anyone sharing my graphics driver.

The game does not maximize the window.

What you are seeing is because of your tiling window manager. The Warzone window now permits the system to size it. Since it's marked as resizable, tiling window managers (like i3) will tile the window as your window manager settings specify. Other window managers, like the default on Windows or macOS or Ubuntu, won't.

So, like any other resizable window, instruct your window manager on what to do / not do with it. (Or, of course, a non-tiling window manager shouldn't attempt to reposition / resize the window like that.)

Forgon wrote:
  • In windowed mode, the screen resolution can no longer be changed in the 'Video Options' menu, which is a terrible and illogical UX choice. Instead, the user should be informed that applying a new resolution will require a restart -- if the operating systems is affected by resizing problems in the first place.

@per recommended in IRC to disable the button when in this state and add a tooltip explaining that the user can change the window size by resizing the window (dragging the edge / corner), so a patch is ready with that suggested change:

Forgon wrote:
  • Fullscreen resolutions can also no longer be chosen freely: Any resolution not in the list of recommended resolutions will be overruled by a false "default resolution" of 640x480 pixels.

I presume this is when you are attempting to specify a fullscreen resolution via command-line options?

Forgon wrote:
  • The game now crashes when failing a mission, as Berserk Cyborg has just discovered (read this post)

Already fixed in: ... 203202fe38
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Re: New release planning (3.2.4)/ 3.3.0

Postby Berserk Cyborg » 06 Mar 2018, 19:11

I have rearranged the research tree according to the issue in ticket #666. Basically, it wants the sensor turrets to appear before the towers. The towers (CB, vtolCB, strike, wide-spectrum, and nexus link) depend on having the hardened sensor tower researched for them to be available in the research tabs in addition to the turret. Additionally, EMP cannon does not require the uplink (Nexus link turret dependency only).

For those who want to give it a test I attached a patch and a mod. Or we could simply say that ticket is wrong and close it.

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