A new gather point. Mabe?

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A new gather point. Mabe?

Postby JimmyJack » 13 Oct 2017, 18:22

I was just wondering how difficult it would be to set up a "gather point" in the game?

A gather point would be an object (a traffic cone or sign post that could be moved around) that could serve as a fixed point that repair units (small, large repair turrets, and cyborg mechanics) could be posted. Units could then go there when set to retreat at damage instead of going all the way back to the HQ.

This would be used in early-game before you get the repair tower and later in the game after you research auto-repair. So units will not go all the way back to a repair tower but just fall back to a point behind the pack and stop to self-repair.

This would have the added advantage of repair units staying at the gather point (within 3 to 5 squares) and not mixing in with battle units only to become preferred targets for the enemy tanks.

This cone/sign/bot what ever it is could be a target like a vtol pad or not a target like a delivery point for a factory is not a target although the tank sitting on it is.

Just a thought.
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Re: A new gather point. Mabe?

Postby Guardsman Brendo » 16 Oct 2017, 05:16

I like this idea. It lets you keep advancing your lines without tearing down old facilities as there is a limit to the maximum amount of repair facilities built. It means damaged units can get to the fight quicker after being repaired to maximum capacity. Also, instead of having a huge line of waiting tanks, the process could be faster due to multiple repair units. Another advantage I see is that VTOL aircraft can be repaired faster: if you're like me and leave a "checkerboard" VTOL pad map, the blank squares can have repair units. I would definitely use this if it were added to the game.

Edit- Added "without tearing down old facilities" to the first line.
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