Perf impact of libcampaign and group management

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Perf impact of libcampaign and group management

Post by Berserk Cyborg » 03 Nov 2018, 21:43

The group management of enemy units is kind of... intense. Even for one group. It's probably the worst part of the campaign library in terms of performance and can cause stuttering in Warzone. A good test case to see this with is on the Alpha 7 mission (defend the plateau). Now, this is not something most people would take notice of with normal gameplay (unless there are lots of groups), however setting game speeds at 10x+ will reveal it clearly by watching the mission timer at those speeds.

In __camTacticsTickForGroup() there are three areas of suspect for this:
1. Regrouping logic.
2. Target choosing (__camPickTarget()).
3. the large for-loop and the end of the function.

1 and 3 seem to be the problem areas. 2 does not seem to have much of an impact as the others and can easily be cached and throttled over a few seconds without affecting the groups much.

I have tried throttling each of those areas for a few seconds and it does help to an extent, but I observe moments of smooth gameplay followed by a repeating hiccup that becomes more and more noticeable as more groups are made. :hmm:

Once I did a test where I replaced the cluster analysis with a super simple group average and a distance check from that average. It emulated the cluster analysis well enough for me to conclude that the cluster analysis is a big part of the problem, but still I saw that hiccup albeit not as long lasting anymore.

So, the performance issue lies mostly with the cluster analysis and that for-loop. Or it's somewhere else and I am missing it, but I think I have it pegged down to those two areas.

Cool in theory. In practice, it does not seem viable... at least for now, so I seldom choose to enable regrouping. I have observed some weirdness with it, though. Commonly, I see an issue where "close but far to path" coordinates are chosen for the regrouping point (think: group is very close to the bottom of a hill and now some units must move to the top of it which takes minutes to get to).

Other times I have seen it get defeated due to the coordinate where the group is supposed to regroup at is unreachable (pits and mountains that nothing but a VTOL could get to, water tile where the group is land only propulsion). Thus causing the whole group to remain motionless forever until something forces some of the units to move elsewhere.

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