Removing stored template support for campaign

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Removing stored template support for campaign

Postby Per » 25 May 2017, 23:23

Stored templates is a feature we introduced a while ago to make games faster, allowing people to save designs between matches. I don't recall any discussion of these having any benefit for campaign, and seeing the latest bugs with stored templates in campaign, it dawned on me that it just does not make much sense to have them there at all.

In campaign, templates get saved in the savegame file, and so they get 'stored' over the course of the campaign anyway. You probably expect (and perhaps want) to start with a clean slate when you start a new campaign. If we ever get new campaigns, we wouldn't want stored templates from one to carry over to others, since they could have deeply incompatible rules.

So unless anyone can see the benefits from having stored templates present in campaign, I'll just go ahead and remove this feature for campaign (hiding the buttons, not loading stored template files).
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Re: Removing stored template support for campaign

Postby Lord_Kane » 26 May 2017, 03:27

I say remove it,

Usually in the campaign when a improved version of a weapon comes out e.g. the heavier machine guns, I just end up replacing them with the new models and recycling the older models.
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