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Modding 101

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2012, 05:39
by Staff
To mod this game, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.
1) If doing something for campaign, then all the data is in base.wz (which is a zip file)
2) if doing something for multiplayer (and skirmish) then all the data is in mp.wz (which is a zip file)
3) The best way to handle either case is to unzip whatever you picked above to another directory someplace, and play with it there.
4) Once done playing with it, you can then zip it back up exactly* like it was before, and then name it something.wz
5) take something.wz and put it into your mod folder and start the game with --mod=something.wz
6) you now have a mod.
7) No, you can't have a mod loaded, and try to join a game that doesn't have the same mod, it will kick you.

Note, I highly suggest you DON'T mix maps with mods at this time. While it may currently work, that will not be the case for future builds.

*While in this case, I said exactly, in truth, you can just archive what you need, just make sure the directory structure is exactly the same on the things you modified, or it will not work.

Re: Modding 101

PostPosted: 25 Feb 2012, 05:41
by Staff
*reserved for a list of utilities you can use*
(feel free to PM me with a utility that is helpful with creating mods, and I'll list it here).

Re: Modding 101

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2012, 01:14
by Staff
External sites for modding help:
Javascript API - for AIs, rules, scavengers, campaigns and challenges
More links for modders

  • Modding Tutorial - how to make your first mod (an unfinished guide).
  • Txt Editing - detailed explanation of game stats. If you want to add or change weapons or bodies or propulsions or structures, check it out.
  • Modding Tilesets - how to make custom terrain textures for your map or for the game in general.
  • Scripting Manual - an almost-complete guide to wzscript, a language that describes campaign scenarios; old skirmish AIs like Nexus and Semperfi are also written in wzscript. Since v3.1 it is getting slowly replaced with javascript (see the message above). You will also need it to mod structure limits. In versions of the game prior to 3.1 skirmish game rules (like victory conditions) were also used to be written in wzscript.