Spliting mods into categorizes

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Spliting mods into categorizes

Post by JimmyJack » 16 Jan 2020, 07:14

Just a thought. Separate mods into 2 categorizes. Public and Private, or what ever you would like to call them.

Public mods = Just as they are now. All players must run the same mods or the game will crash. These mods modify weapons, weapons power, unit speed, game speed, or any thing else that has to be in sink.

Private mods = Modify the way something looks or sounds.

With Private mods 4 people can be in the same game. Player 1 could be running Art Rev. Player 2 could be running Cartoon. Player 3 could be running Pumpkin's tile set. Player 4 could be running his/her own tile set.

Say that I love to play with ... Fudrucker's tile set but nobody else likes it. I host a game but can't get any body to join. With private mods I can load Fudrucker's and go join a game and the others would never even know I was running it. I'm happy. They are happy. Everybody is happy. :lecture:

Is this doable?
Transmission ends ...

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