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weapon question

Posted: 05 Aug 2018, 06:46
by Tenoh
So i am trying to make a dual weapon fire in sequence but not sure how to tie muzzle effect first to one barrel then the other. i know there are dual projectile models bonded together but its not what i need, i'd like to use single projectile shoot from one barrel then another one from the other barrel.
Any advice? thx!

Re: weapon question

Posted: 05 Aug 2018, 17:06
by WZ2100ModsFAn
try using numrounds. @Tenoh

you can change that value to 2 for double fire.

it's in the stat called stormbringer a.k.a aagunlaser

Re: weapon question

Posted: 06 Aug 2018, 15:25
by Tenoh
tried that. left weapon shoots both. sadly that doesnt help. sorry. thank you for answer though.