I want to make my own non-op mod

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I want to make my own non-op mod

Post by DrKran » 03 Mar 2018, 21:16

All automatic damage reduced to 0.10/0.05 damage meaning 10/20 shots is enough to do 1 damage
All slow/medium semi-fire damage reduced to 2/1 damage.
Light armor reduced to 4 health
Medium armor reduced to 8 health and 0.17 armor 100 weight
Heavy armor reduced to 14 health and 0.25 armor 150 weight
Titanic armor has more HP and lesser armor making it boss like.

Wheels are reduced to 175 speed and 25 turn +1.50 health
Tracers are reduced to 150 speed and 50 turn +2 health
Hovers are reduced to 150 speed and 75 turn + 1 health

Repair/Construction vehicle build rate +0.25

Readme : How do I make this mod?
Please comment me here even if you have nothing to say, how do I make it multiplayer too?
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Re: I want to make my own non-op mod

Post by Berg » 04 Mar 2018, 20:23

I don 't have anything to say ... But you could look in the wiki for your answers

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