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Repair turret range (stat modding 3.2.3)

Posted: 25 May 2017, 16:25
by wz2100ismyporn
Hi! I'm working on a simple statmod for campaign, that will make the game somwhere easier, somewhere harder, but overall i'm targeted to make it more comfortable.
One of the steps is to increase repair turret range, because the default range of 2 tiles makes you fight pathfinding everytime. If my memory does not cheat me, on PS1 version units pushed each other to move, repair units never had trouble to reach every damaged squadmate. But it led to huge squad spread allover the place.
Now in version 3.2.3 a single unit CAN'T EVEN pass thru 2 standing units! 2 UNITS CARLLLL!!!

So to the point now! :lol2: I can't find where to change the repair range, i tried to add "longRange" line in repair.json file but it has no effect.
I searched the forums for hour or more, no result.
Please help!
Thank you! Thank you so much for your future response dear modders! XD