"Shotgun" Turret?

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"Shotgun" Turret?

Post by Revenant » 20 Nov 2016, 10:03

Hi Everyone, I've been dabbling in modding of properties of the Turrets in the MP.WZ file and I got to thinking about something. Would it be possible through scripting to create a turret that fires 5-6 shots at once, reloads and then fires again?

I was thinking of using the Mini Rocket array as the template for this test but I ran into an issue with with the "num_rounds" tag.

I tried setting it to 6, and the reload time to about the same time as a cannon, thinking it would fire off six shots and then reload. but instead it fired each individual bullet and reloaded... :hmm:

what is causing this? is it simply not compatible? am I missing something?

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Re: "Shotgun" Turret?

Post by Cyp » 20 Nov 2016, 13:21

Think you can get them to fire at almost the same time, but if setting the delay to 0, it probably still won't get more than 10 shots per second, though.

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