i need a sample script

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i need a sample script

Postby jantje » 20 Sep 2016, 17:41

i want to make a script. i want to use .js files.


i want to add a setpower funtion.

i have make a rules.js file in the folder mijmap.wz/multiplay/script/rules.js

and i have add this to the file.

Code: Select all
function power() {
setPower(1000000); // give yourself 1000000 power instantly


can samone tell me what i do wrong ?

i olso want to set a wether funtion:
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function wather()
console("its to to rain !");

function eventStartLevel()
   setTimer("wather", 15000);   // start a constant timer function


cant samone build a simple sample for me so i know a bit how it work ?

i last think can you build a sample whit 1 of the 2 funtion whit a include so i olso can see how that works

tnx for the help
greets jantje
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