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SitaNVGS's maps

Post by SitaNVGS » 14 Dec 2015, 22:18

Hello eveyone!
(And sorry for my english in advancement, because I know it sucks)
I've been playing WZ2100 for a few years (7, I believe). Not everyday, from time to time. So I suck at it. But I always enjoyed making maps for games. I started making maps for WZ2100 few years ago, too, but they sucked (I was 10 at that time, what can you expect from a kid?).
All my works are under CC-BY-3.0 + GPLv2, unless I'll find some reason to change that. But for now it's fine.
Today I almost completed my next map, which is Authoria Bay (0.5)!

Authoria Bay (0.5): (128x128, 4 players + scavengers)
Features: water; scavengers, gateways (I learned what they are just yesterday :I), lacks any symetry, and probably unbalanced
Bases not completed (players start with 3 trucks, HQ and few oil resources nearby). If you think this map would be much better with bases completed, just message me. Not balanced for multiplayer, I only played it for fun with bots.
Screenshots and "developer diaries":
Thank you for reading this post, and if you've downloaded my map - have fun!
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