.ani Export script for blender

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.ani Export script for blender

Post by Jorzi » 04 Mar 2015, 00:07

Together with astorian, we developed a script for generating .ani files from blender. As far as I know, this is the first visual animation tool for warzone 2100 :)

How it works:
1)Install wz_anim_export.py as an addon. If you can't install it, just open the script in blender's internal text editor.
2)Make/import a model into blender
3)Split moving parts into separate objects
4)Animate objects using blender, remember to set the appropriate framerate and start/end frame. You can use any form of parenting, armatures, drivers etc as long as the transforms are in object mode (no shape keys, armature deform etc).
5)Export animation from the file->export menu. If you are running it from the text editor, just press alt+P while hovering over the script.
6)Choose filename and export options. As default it will only export selected mesh objects. No non-mesh objects (cameras, lamps, armatures etc.) will be exported. Scale 100 is the default for the blender .pie scripts, if you use WMIT, scale 1 will give you the same size. Remember that all object mode transformations will be treated as animation data.
7)Open you new .ani file in notepad. You'll have to manually fill in the name of the .pie file it should be applied to (the default is placeholder.pie)
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Re: .ani Export script for blender

Post by astorian » 04 Feb 2017, 13:17

Hello Jorzi,
I have been installing the blender script after i reinstalled my pc. The console shown error:
fake_module: addon missing 'bl_info' gives bad performance!
So after some reading here: https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev: ... s/metainfo, i have added flowing code to the beginning of the file:

Code: Select all

bl_info = {
    "name": "WZ2100 Animation Export",
    "description": "Exporting ANIMTRANS animation for PIE models",
    "author": "Jorzi, Astorian",
    "version": (1, 1),
    "blender": (2, 70, 0),
    "location": "File > Export > Warzone 2100 Animation (.ani)",
    "warning": "", # used for warning icon and text in addons panel
    "wiki_url": "https://forums.wz2100.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12053"
    "tracker_url": "",
    "support": "COMMUNITY",
    "category": "Animation"
The animation is now listed in addons, can be enabled and is visible in export menu.
Do you agree with the additional info? If yes a new version can be generated :)
Best Regards,

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