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Posted: 14 Feb 2010, 18:06
by KukY
New map:
Idea by Olrox ---> Original topic
Made by KukY

4 player 128x128 map.

Players start with 4 trucks and a HQ.
6 oil in base, 2 oil on entrance to base, 1 oil on each bumpy area.
Scavangers: No active scavs, if on, each bumpy area will be guarded by a Twin Assault Gun Hardpoint, and each bridge will be guarded with a Cannon Fortress.
This map has lots of gateways placed so prepare on AI building lot of defenses.
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Source: <soon> <You don't need it, flaME can open WZ files.>

Re: 4c-TheRiver

Posted: 16 Feb 2010, 20:00
by Olrox
After testing KukY's version, I've decided to get the idea and work on it - 1 sleepless night brought to you my own version, Garond Valley.
this has some topography changes, mostly the addition of a similar fortress-type base to the northeastern player, but most of the changes are to terrain textures, cliffs, features and scavengers. I won't go on with any marketing, go check for yourselves if you want!