New Base Structures Mod

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Re: New Base Structures Mod

Post by elio » 28 Aug 2009, 06:11

thanks for your comments ;)
Powzone wrote: Is it possible to make the "gates"/"doors" movable, so that they are closed while building and open up when finished building a vehicle? Furthermore the spot where the new unit is dropped should be "inside" the factory for logical purpose.
Would be alot better I think, but it's just an idea... :)
of course, (that's the idea basically), but some changes to the code needed
winsrp wrote:well they look nice, i do think there should be a little bit more difference between factory level 2 and 3, since, i know they don't look the same, but on the rush i don't know if they are 2 or 3
imo that big silo aside is quite characteristic
winsrp wrote: same as with research things, they are different, but they don't look like and upgraded version, they are just a different building. It would look best, if it is like the same base but actually upgraded, and not mostly different.
i know, but without the 'legs' its a very small structure, so i only removed two of them, hmm ideas welcome :)
winsrp wrote: Also on the power building you should raise a little bit the lower beam going around since it looks like in the building.
is hardcoded, changes to the code needed :|

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Re: New Base Structures Mod

Post by winsrp » 31 Aug 2009, 20:11

well for the research facility, why not keep the level 1 as level 2 is now, and add something like a planetarium on top of the research facility... and why don't you do the research facility a 3x3 like factory... so you can add up more things?

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Re: New Base Structures Mod

Post by Sekmeton » 12 Oct 2009, 22:46

Hi there...

I'm using 2.2.4 and this mod... but when I try to go to the "Structure limits" menu, the game just gets closed O.o
Maybe I should remove my location o_O

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