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For beginner modders

Posted: 27 Nov 2019, 12:54
by andrvaut
Good day.
Unfortunately, many novice moderators make annoying mistakes when modding. For this, I want to recall a few things.

- Try not to use map-mod. The mod installed by the host in the `mods/autoload` will work for everyone.
Map-mod is needed only if the modification is connected to the map and will not work on other maps.

- Use up-to-date file versions for the basics.
You can take them here: ... 3.3.0/data (3.3.0 version)
or in the archives `mp.wz` and `base.wz` from the installation of the game.
Using obsolete files or files from the master version will lead to unpredictable problems. This is especially true for scripts.

- The license for the mod must be compatible with GPL V2, since it is derived from files published under this license.

- Files in a mod or map-mod should have the same path as in mp.vz.
To an example for `rules.js` it is `/multiplay/skirmish/rules.js`
And for `weapons.json` it’s a `/stats/weapons.json`

- Use version control systems. (git, mercurial and others)
I also recommend using utilities to display the difference between files and directories. (meld)

- And the last piece of advice. Your mod must have balance. Rule stone paper scissors. Strengthening some aspects, create mechanics that will allow you to more effectively play against them.
Thoughtless strengthening or weakening leads to degradation of gameplay and degeneration of the game into one single non-alternative strategy.