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Map database

Post by Prot » 26 May 2019, 12:45

I wrote an engine for the map database.
The interface translated both Russian and English languages.
The engine parses the map, converts whole map to JSON and stores it in pgsql as jsonb
This allows on the fly to apply filters and various additives to the map.
For example, add observer slots to the map when it is loaded, or randomly rotate all the trees on the map, so that they do not look like one, turned strictly to the North, etc.
After accepting the changes, the map is converted back to blob, added to zip and given to download, all this takes a couple of seconds, given that the server I have is very weak, running on a single-Board computer under the arm processor.

Given that at the moment upload is not working, I think my map database may be not a bad competition for sorting and storing maps.
At the moment, sorting, searching by map name or author, generating a preview image on the fly, adding observers are already working.
Ideas: Add transtexturing (Arizona --> Rocky), automatic pack mods, add completely new textures to the old maps, start autohosting directly with the map database.

To upload maps in a database that currently require you to log in via a social network

I want to listen any suggestions and ideas.

PS: And also, there is a secret section of on the fly generation of new symmetical maps for 4 players.

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