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steam and power spark electricity/energy sound replacement

Posted: 10 Oct 2018, 19:20
by qubodup
I'm getting a headache from the power station sound effect, so I made a replacement. Also one for the bot factory steam sound. It's license compatible so feel free to include in mods and maingame.

powerspk.ogg by qubodup, licensed under CC-BY 3.0 or later, is a remix of the following sound (attribution required) JacobsLadderShort1.flac by Halleck from licensed under CC-BY 3.0.
steam.ogg by qubodup, CC0 terms (dedicated to the public domain), a remix of CC0 sounds Steam.wav by sniperous from and Ironer Steam by BEDEEN from

WAV 4100Hz, Mono files available at:
Give them a 5 star rating why don't you ;)

create the following folder tree and place the two attached .ogg files in there: