(AI) darkBot: an ecm using (and susceptible) AI

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(AI) darkBot: an ecm using (and susceptible) AI

Postby Darkling » 07 Dec 2017, 05:53

This AI began life as an attempt to get NullBot to use ecm turrets and towers. Getting the AI to use ECM was trivial, but for it have an effect was not. NullBot uses the deity cheat for its adaptation and for its targeting. So for ECM to be effective I needed to change the way it selects a target.

The result is darkBot it's an AI that's designed to use ecm and to be susceptible to it as well (otherwise where's the fun?). Although it doesn't use the deity view to select targets it does know the locations of enemy starting positions and oils on the map.

I've made a few other changes to the Nullbot base as well:

This AI will build repair turrets and incorporate them into its attack groups.

A player can specify which enemy that it should prioritise otherwise it will focus on the enemy closest to its base.

It's more likely to build aa defences in response to VTOLs.

Each sub-personality has a chance to prefer using hovers even on maps without water. The flamer-cannon and flamer-rocket sub-personalities are more likely to
go hover and the machine gun-cannon and machine gun-rocket sub-personalties are less likely to go hover. Once it has researched hover propulsion all ground
based tanks it produces will be hovers and it will reorganise its attack groups to avoid potential pathing issues between hover and other ground propulsion units.
(This feature was inspired by a game where I saw an AI building tracked dragons with dual plasmite flamers).

It won't steal oils that are close to an allies starting position unless that ally has been killed.

I should add that it was built using the 3.2.3 version of Wartune and a description of the AI (Read Me.pdf) is included within the download.
using ecms.
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