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[3.1] The Battlelands Evolution Mod (TBL_EVO)

Posted: 12 Oct 2017, 21:13
by REZ

the "The Battlelands Evolution Mod" (TBL_EVO) is running under Warzone 3.1.0 (Multiplayer-Mod)
This Mod is licensed "CC BY-SA 3.0 + GPL v2+"

The whole TBL_EVO Mod is divided into 4 Parts: Advanced Warfare MK1 to MK4

The Idea behind TBL_EVO was, to add to the existing technologies f.e. radioactivity to Missiles. So they cause intense or timelasting burn-damage. Also Upgrades for Vehicle, Cyborg and Structure Materials/Platings are included. Additional stronger Vehicle-Bodys are also included.

There is also included a Development-Test-Research called "X100 Development", which unlocks "X1 Fast Search" and "X1 Fast Credit" to speed up evolution testing of this Mod. In the final stage of this Mod, it this feature will be excluded.

Finally it contains a Long-Range Ballistic Missile Site and 2 kinds of Bastions with muli-waepons.

In the depth of the folders there lay ideas from me. Prototypes. Some have never made it onto the surface of this Mod.

Lang, lang time ago, I did start up with this Mod.
Now, I rediscovered it, got Warzone Stats Editor going, fixing and changing stuff.
I had to re-discover my own Mod ;)

It only runns under Warzone 3.1, not 3.2.

This is an uncomplete List of the different Research Technologies:

Additional X100 Development
X1 Fast Search
X1 Fast Credit

Advanced Warfare MK1:

Light Body - Milan
Medium Body - Falcon
Mini-Rocket Develon
Mini-Rocket Develon Tower
Mini-Rocket Develon Bunker

Triptohon Rocket
Triptohon Rocket Bunker

Hellfire Rocket (AA)
Hellfire Rocket (AA) Site

Advanced Warfare MK2:

Heavy Body - Pantao
Eraser-Shield (AG) (Freezing Ground Units)
Eraser-Shield (AA) (Freezing Air Units)
Syringe Rocket (AA)
Syringe Rocket (AA) Emplacement
Repair Turret MK3

Advanced Warfare MK3:

Heavy Body - Venturion
Heavy Body - Hammeron X D

Auto Repair MK2
Repair Turret MK4

Hydracon Missile Battery (LRBM)
Hydracon Missile (LRBM) Emplacement
(LRBM = Long-Range Ballistic Missile)

Advanced Warfare MK4:

Quadrohelix Site (AG) Bastion
Cerahelix Site (AA) Bastion

Explore the Technologies included in Advanced Warfare MK1 to MK4 and make Your way to survive.

Please do tell me Your feedback.

C.U. R.E.Z.

Re: The Battlelands Evolution Mod (TBL_EVO)

Posted: 12 Oct 2017, 21:29
by REZ

I tried to upload my current version TBL_EVO_2_020 (ca. 13 MB), but it would not upload it as an attachment.

Please do let me know, what to do?

C.U. R.E.Z.