[AI] "BoneCrusher! 2" bot player for 3.1.5 and 3.2+

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Re: [AI] "BoneCrusher! 2" bot player for 3.1.5 and 3.2+

Postby MIH-XTC » 09 Feb 2018, 03:32

Prot wrote:
Cyp wrote:On an unrelated note, does anyone happen to know anything about that weird wz2100_bot that seems to keep joining every hosted game?

Yep, this is mine, i recreated the network Protocol in php, the bot connects to the created game on the side of the player, and collects detailed information on the settings of the created game. Like start with base, alliances, energy, scavs, players and their rangs.
Because the master server Protocol is too simple and does not contain the necessary information about created games.
I just don't see another way how I can still conveniently provide information to those who are interested, but who are too lazy to run the game client.

I think it's nice that you made that, I think it would be cool to have that information and game statistics integrated with this web site if possible. It creates an incentive for people to play multiplayer. For about a year I've been using this one http://www.orbitcd.com/wzlobby/ I don't know who made it, I forget. I know Subsentient/Bendid also made a bot to gather game stats too.

As for game simulations, I assume you are using a BASH script to launch WZ with parameters to go directly into game and bypass menus? I've always wondered if that was possible. You can share code with [spoiler] bracket :) we won't be critical. Just curious as to the approach of how this is automated in some fashion.
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Re: [AI] "BoneCrusher! 2" bot player for 3.1.5 and 3.2+

Postby Prot » 09 Feb 2018, 06:55

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