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Re: Calculus Maps

Postby MIH-XTC » 26 Jan 2017, 04:31

Another version of the map.

Extended the map to maximum size 250x250, added more hills and made the scavs much harder. It's intended to be played T1 full base.

The first 10 minutes are defending your base from the scavs. It should test your WZ skills. :lecture:

There are scav factories all over the map with different distances from the human players which makes for a slow and steady release of scavs in progressively harder waves ending with wyvern track gauss. I played it 3 times in multiplayer and some players did rage quit :lol2:
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Re: Calculus Maps

Postby Berg » 27 Jan 2017, 01:16

I had my first game on this diablos 10p map I won because everyone else quit.
I will say its interesting and the tank spammers will have to learn new tactics rush warz don’t work.
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